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Chief urologist of the city Germany: "Urinary incontinence in women is a dangerous pathology. However, today it can be treated at home"


Clare Bennett: I guarantee that every woman from Germany and its region, who suffer from urinary incontinence, will receive a remedy for the genitourinary system issues and incontinence at a discounted price.

Exclusive interview with Clare Bennett, chief urologist of the city Germany: "Urinary incontinence in women is a dangerous pathology However, today it can be treated at home"


Reporter: Why do you consider incontinence a dangerous pathology?

Clare Bennett: Statistically, 72% of women over 50 years of age were diagnosed with urinary incontinence and leakage (37% of women over 30 years of age). The most dangerous thing about this pathology is that the condition will only deteriorate. It means that the frequency of wet spots on clothes and foul smell will increase.

According to statistics, regular incontinence in 1-2 months can cause a vaginal dysbacteriosis, in 3-4 months, incontinence can cause chronic vaginitis. About a year later, women who suffer from urinary incontinence (especially when the disease is left untreated) are diagnosed with benign tumor formations. Urinary incontinence is also associated with a large number of cysts. Bad microflora contributes to these complications. These tumor formations at any time can grow and become malignant, which usually leads to cancer and death.

Every 4th woman suffers from urine incontinence. However, only 4% of female patients are willing to discuss the problem with a doctor, since the issue is very personal.

That is why I consider urine incontinence as a serious health condition, which is the most common disease among all reproductive health concerns for women. Cancer and oncology are on everyone's lips, but let's face it -- cancer occurs in 3-4% of people, while every 2nd woman after 40-45 years suffers from incontinence.

Reporter: Why can't doctors treat the disease? You are supposed to help people.

Clare Bennett: Firstly, women often postpone their visits to the doctor until the very last moment because they are embarrassed about a bladder control problem. Even when women go to the doctor, they take medications irregularly, although it is important to follow your medication schedule.

Secondly, there is a terrible hospital staff shortage. How can we cope with it, when we have only 1 urologist for the entire region, and the shortage is 37%? The rest of them have bought diplomas, so we can't let them treat patients. Unfortunately, I cannot but hire them, because they all graduated from universities. They all have a diploma, some of them have honors diplomas. However, they can only cause harm to patients. Old fashioned doctors are a dying breed because they are working under a lot of stress. These "dummies" are occupying a place of old school doctors, however, they are professionally incompetent. I would be glad to fire all of them, but where can I find qualified staff?

Reporter: So, are you saying that in our region we have such a large percentage of women with urine incontinence, because of the lack of professional doctors?

Clare Bennett: Not just because of that. There is an acute shortage of good medicines. Pharmacies have everything except really effective medications. It's either old medications that are very unlikely to help you or newfangled remedies whose price doesn't match the quality. Again, new doctors can prescribe whatever they want. Usually, they prescribe medicines that may have a short-term effect and help you but, at the same time, they can do far more harm than good. Most medications are not aimed at the  treatment of incontinence.

Women are left untreated and continue to suffer from urine incontinence, which prevents them from enjoying their lives.

All these factors are the main reason for the result. Women are left untreated and continue to suffer from urine incontinence, which prevents them from enjoying their lives. Of course, there are also private medical centers. Unfortunately, the same doctors as in clinics work there. Most of these doctors are absolutely professional incompetent. Their top priority is money. They are not interested in helping and treating people.

Reporter: What should women with urine incontinence do in this case? Keep suffering? Considering that you are the chief urologist of the region, and you know about the problem, you should know how to solve the issue!

Clare Bennett: Of course, I'm trying to fix the issue, instead of just sitting on my hands. But I can't solve the problem with poor medical education immediately since it's not me who is responsible for that but universities. Universities must take responsibility for the quality of medical education. It's not me who should educate new doctors. Therefore, there is no quick fix. Besides, we are not the only ones facing this situation. I have a lot of workmates from neighboring regions, and according to them, the situation is almost the same everywhere.

Every woman can now cope with urine incontinence on their own

But there is also a good moment in the fight for women's health care. I managed to make our city and region to be the first where a new remedy for incontinence will be available. The program will be fully launched only in 6 months. But the remedy is already available for our citizens, unlike citizens from other regions of the country.

Reporter: Why do you think it will change the situation?

Clare Bennett: The product has 3 main benefits. First, it helps to normalize urination and relieves inflammation. Secondly, it prevents the development of urogenital infections. Third, it relieves pain and restores the pH balance, blood supply to the kidney and urinary tract. That is, the product provides a complex approach to the issue.

The remedy stops leakage very quickly. In a few days after the use of the remedy, your underwear will be dry. For the best result, it is recommended to use one or several courses of the product. The basic course is 10 days of application, 4 days of break. In rare cases, you may need to use the remedy for up to 8 courses.

Reporter: What is this product? What is the secret of its effectiveness?

Clare Bennett: It's called Urotrin, the brand new European remedy. Unlike many other remedies, it was created not by a commercial pharmaceutical company but by scientific structures. The remedy was created by a group of the best doctors and scientific specialists in Europe.


The main benefit of Urotrin is that it can be used at home for treatment for incontinence. It is a well-known fact that women (as well as men) are embarrassed to talk about such a sensitive issue with a doctor.  They feel uncomfortable talking face to face with a doctor. Thanks to Urotrin, there is no need to be embarrassed!

Urotrin is supplied without a prescription. The remedy consists of natural ingredients only, extracts of medicinal plants to be precise. The product contains extracts of cranberry, chamomile, nettle, pine.

A very important feature of Urotrin is that it contains magnesium salts of fatty acids, microcrystalline cellulose. These ingredients are intended to improve the functions of the female genitourinary system. It has a comprehensive approach and a healing effect on the female body.

Urotrin contains components that have a complex effect on the female body:

  1. Pine extract is commonly used to treat kidneys and urinary tract, urinary tract infections, renal colic, urolithiasis, etc.
  2. Cranberry extract is a popular treatment for urinary tract infections, kidney diseases, etc. Proanthocyanidins are an active ingredient in cranberries that can prevent adherence of bacteria to the urinary tract.
  3. Chamomile extract, thanks to a component known as Coumarin (Coumarin), cleanses the blood and increases the supply of oxygen and vitamins to the genitourinary system.
  4. Nettle Extract. Thanks to 6 isolectins included in the nettle extract, it is effective in treating kidney diseases and bile ducts, kidney stones, dysentery, dropsy, chronic persistent constipation. The liquid extract also has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect.
Important! According to the latest research, it has been found that is the best time to start treatment. Due to the stabilization of the average temperature, metabolic processes in the body are accelerated, thus enhancing the effect of the product. The treatment is 37% faster than at other times of the year

Reporter: Does Urotrin have any contraindications?

Clare Bennett:You should not use the product if you have individual intolerance to the components. If you have kidney failure, you should ask a doctor if Urotrin is suitable for you.

The product was created by a non-profit medical fund. The medical fund is also the owner of the remedy formula. Production is expanding these days. Therefore, the product is available only under special programs. There is no doubt that if the owner of Urotrin was a pharmaceutical company, they would sell the product at a high price. But in this case, the owner of the product is the medical fund, therefore it is available at a DISCOUNT

The product was supposed to be on sale in 6 months, but I managed to deal with local authorities. As a result, we are now the only country in Europe where Urotrin is available for our citizens at a discount. All stocks of the remedy are now reserved for our region and all cities within a radius of 100 kilometers from it.

Reporter: How can people purchase Urotrin? Is it necessary to have a passport any certificates?

Clare Bennett: People are required to live in our region. Urotrin is sent directly from the warehouse and delivered by mail. We thought that it would be very unproductive to deliver it from one address. People suffer from incontinence every day, so there is no need to make them wait and stand in a long line. That's why we decided to choose the option when you only have to fill out your name and phone number, then you have to wait for an operator's phone call and once you receive it, name your delivery address and an opportune time to receive the product. Later you can pick up your Urotrin.

The conditions to purchase Urotrin under the program are the following:

  • You have to live in the region-program participant (Germany)
    The promotion is available only for residents of regions where a preferential program is running.
  • Personal use only
    The product is not for resale or distribution. Resellers are trying to buy all packages of Urotrin and resell it at a margin price.
  • You can submit an application via the official website of the program
    You can protect yourself from resellers and purchase the product at the manufacturer's price only on the official website.


Official application form

No. 29,957 out of 30,000
For purchasing the remedy Urotrin at a discount under the regional discount program.
In order to buy Urotrin at a discount, fill out your name and contact phone number and press the "Apply Now" button.
New price:
* Confidentially. Your data are sent directly to the manufacturer. No one else has access to your data.

Reporter: Thank you for the interview! I hope that our readers from Germany will learn about this remedy and use it to get rid of such a sensitive problem!

ADDED 12 HOURS AGO EDITOR'S NOTE Big news! The program takes place in the city Germany and its region up to and including so far. Until the end of the promotion, the original UROTRIN is available at a discount on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE for everyone! 43 discounted packages in Germany left so far.

Korespondent: Děkuji Vám ještě jednou. Na shledanou!

Kate Benett

Thank you so much for the information about Urotrin. It took me a while to find something for my incontinence. I was ashamed to meet my friends. I am looking forward to the parcel! Thank you!

Irene Scott

Thank you for your recommendations. Ordered Urotrin at a discount indeed. Indeed at a discount. I've already heard a lot of good things about it. But I couldn't find it in pharmacies. Now I see why



The remedy is really very good. After the third pregnancy, I had urine incontinence for almost a year. I tried many conservative methods of treatment. Only Urotrin worked for me. So far so good. I recommend it to everyone.


I'm only 28 years old, however, I used to have frequent bladder leakage. After 8 PM, I tried not to drink water. I always used the bathroom before going to bed. But nothing worked. I was very embarrassed in front of my boyfriend but he understood me. I tried a lot of remedies but nothing worked. About 2 months ago my doctor called me and recommended me a remedy. It really worked for me.


Nina Richardson

My friend's cousin suffered from bladder leakage because of menopause. У нее это случилось после климакса. As far as I know she also used Urotrin, it helped her.


It is true that women shouldn't lift objects more than 3 kg. This is how I got bladder leakage. My husband dumped me because of this!  He left me for a younger woman.


How can I order Urotrin?

Samantha Smith

This is a link to Urotrin, hurry up to order at a discount. It really worked for me.


Did somebody order from Germany? How fast was the delivery?

Clare Anderson

Hi! I'm from Germany and I ordered Urotrin on the manufacturer's website. But it was a long time ago and there wasn't a discount back then. I paid a lot of money for the remedy but I don't regret it. It has been a year since the last bladder leakage. The delivery to Germany took only 3 days.


This product is sooo good. I recommend it to everyone. There is no need for me to use any other products anymore!


Is the result so effective?! Well, perhaps I should order it.

Lola Murphy

My doctor told me to train my intimate muscles. So I did what she said, the situation got better. But bladder leakage still bothered me. Eventually, Urotrin helped me. In general, it is a very good remedy.

Clare Johansson

I have weak bladder muscles. I pee a little when I'm coughing. I'll try Urotrin, since we have such a great programm.

Mia Martin

Is it really so good? All these remedies and doctors are completely useless.


Of course! Urotrin is very effective but most importantly, it  doesn't damage your health. So hurry up to order! It helped me to stop bladder leakage.

Ava Hansen

The part about surgeries is true. My co-worker is 56 years old. Last year she underwent urinary incontinence surgery. At first, everything was ok but in 10 months she had bladder leakage again. Besides, it took her a while to recover after the surgery.


This remedy helped my 75 years old grandma! She had a strong need to urinate but couldn't reach the toilet in time. She used many other products, but nothing helped her. Our friends recommended Urotrin. The problem is gone :))


I had incontinence after my last pregnancy. I used to pee a little when I sneezed. 2 months ago I found out about Urotrin. I decided to order it. It worked for me. My underwear is always dry. My health in general got improved. I feel that my bladder muscles are stronger.

Emily Garcia

I've just ordered it.
Hurry up to order at a discount! I ordered it on the official website. The customer service is great. I placed an order, they immediately contacted me and I confirmed my order. 

Hannah Nowak

A friend of mine told me that Urotrin is 3 times more expensive at a pharmacy. That's why I didn't buy it. As soon as I saw a discount I ordered it. I feel better every day.

Peyton Peeters

I use Urotrin, my friend gave it to me. It stopped my incontinence. I keep it in my med kit, just in case.


It's unbelievable! Urotrin worked for me too! I got rid of the problem that tormented me for several years! Thank you so much for this article! Our scientists are the best!!


Autumn K

Please, somebody tell me, where can I buy it? Urotrin is not available in pharmacies. I want to buy the original product because a fake one is useless.

Eliana Jensen

Once again for those who didn't get it the first time: Urotrin is available on the official website ONLY, just click on the "Go to the manufacturer's website" button below or fill out the application form on this site! Especially for Germany residents - you can get a discount under the program but it won't last forever, so hurry up to place an order!